RE: remember input file?

2000-11-01 20:13:06
in MHonArc, is it possible to list in the index the filename a certain
message was read from?


I tried looping through all my input files, assigning the filename to an
environment var and using that as $ENV{variable)$.

Clever try.

A current limitation of MHonArc is that there is no way (without code
changes) to associate user-defined data to each message.  The current
storage model (flat file) used by MHonArc would make such a feature
easy for abuse with respect to performance.

Curious, what is the reasoning to include the original/raw filename?

I am basically trying to organize my email archive over the last years,
which is currently stored on many CDs, by month (but not 100 %accurately)
in PINE folders, (received, sent-mail, fcc folders etc).

While archiving with MHonArc, I would like to preserve
        - which CD
        - which month
        - which folder
the message came fo,s I can go back in case of doubt to review.

I guess I'll pipe them through formail to add an X-MHonArc-sourcefile header 

Is there a way to list arbitrary headers in the index lists?

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