Re: Duplicating Most Recent Index Entry?

2000-11-12 17:53:46
On November 12, 2000 at 05:37, Jeff Hill wrote:

I pipe incoming mail from my mailing list to MHonArc, and I need to
duplicate the Filename, Target and Subject values going into the main
(date) index and output them to a separate file. I want only the most
recent entry output.

By creating this as a separate, single entry file, I can include it in
our home page (through PHP). Visitors will then be able to immediately
see the subject of the most recent discussion on the list and click on
it to go to the target in the main index.

I've spent a number of hours looking at this and it seems the only way
to do it is to go in and modify MHonArc directly. It seems like there
should be a simpler solution.

If you look at the source code for the file 'mhonarc', you will
see it just calls a main library and then exists.  You could create
your own version that does not exit right away, but does some
post processing to get what you want.

The %mhonarc::AddIndex hash should contain the index keys of all
messages that were added to the archive:

  foreach $index (keys %mhonarc::AddIndex) {
    $subject = $mhonarc::Subject{$index};
    $msgpage_filename = &mhonarc::msgnum_filename($IndexNum{$index});


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