Re: Unrecognized character set: windows-1252

2000-11-28 00:15:44
On November 27, 2000 at 15:23, Robert Hsiung wrote:

I'm new to MHonArc. Like others, I've been getting these errors:

      Warning: Unrecognized character set: windows-1252
windows-1252;   iso_8859::str2sgml;

didn't work, and that's what I would've tried (maybe without the 

Looking at, it appears the text/plain filter only
keys off the CharsetConverters for "-decode-" charsets (note:
CharsetConverters are used for non-ASCII encoded data in message

All other sets it does its own internal checks.  The filter should
probably be changed to key completely off CharsetConverters.
I cannot remember the initial reason why I did not do that way
in the first place.

In the mean time, you can comment out the warning statement from


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