Re: Idea for the future

2000-11-28 00:22:43
On November 27, 2000 at 21:24, Gerry Hickman wrote:

After much thought it seems a database solution would a great

The concept is to put header fields, message body and attachments into a
database and then render the HTML using active scripting. (Alternatively
just the headers and message bodies, leaving the attachments as just
pointers to disk files).

I'd prefer the bodies are statically converted since it can be
an expensive operation.  Message headers can be formatted on the

The dynamic portion would be the compilation of the static pieces
into a complete page.  The stored message header fields in a db can
be used for flexible index page creation.

The main purpose of this would be to cut down on static HTML, much of
which is probably never used, and provide more complex methods of
sorting messages without generating any more static HTML.

I have thought of this along time ago.  It is a change on some of
the functional goals of MHonArc: no dynamic system is required to view
archives.  I.e.  One can read MHonArc archives w/o the need of a server.
Something I desired when I first coded MHonArc (but it was not called
MHonArc at the time).

I have considered that MHonArc v3 would be a more dynamic system and
designed to allow DB hooks and a cleaner API.  I just have not gotten
around to implementing it yet since it is basically a complete rewrite.


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