Re: Idea for the future

2000-11-30 14:00:16
Hi Jeff,

Let me count the ways I like static HTML files.

  * simplicity
  * simplicity

Uh? I'd say it's the other way round. Maybe we should run our e-commerce
systems using comma delimited text files and static JPEGs and use FTP to
upload hundreds of static pages every time we want to update product
information? Maybe we should upload a whole page of prices every time a
single price changes? Maybe we should use hundreds of font tags and
color tags in our HTML instead of style sheets?

Have you considered how many times the string "<html><head ..." resides
in your thousands of static HTML pages adding useless bulk both in terms
of storeage and bandwidth?

Are we really talking "simplicity", or are we talking "short

  * their benefit from internet caching infrastructure

I'm not sure what this means.

  * computational cheapness of serving them (disk is cheaper than CPU)

But server side code that returns a small result set may actually be
more efficient for both the server and the client.

  * manipulability with many, many tools

Uh? So what exactly can you do with your MHonArc message files with
these tools that you couldn't do with a simple update query in SQL

  * benefit from OS level improvements

I don't know what you mean here.

Some people, like me, despise databases and like static files a lot.

But that's sometimes more to do with living in the dark ages than a
real-world reason.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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