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2000-11-30 03:17:20
Hmm, will storing text files in a db really equate to significant storage

What about an xml database and use easily-maintained xsl to control
presentation, and:

- Your archives remain searchable by ordinary engines so it's "statically

- XML provides much more open access to the message structure, so
interesting indexes can be generated outside of MHonArc's limitations

- You are pre-building yourself a syndication resource


John Brisbin

Claire McNab wrote:

On 29 Nov 00 at 21:53, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

Let me count the ways I like static HTML files.

  * simplicity
  * simplicity

I'd add to that simplicity, simplicity and simplicity :)

  * their benefit from internet caching infrastructure


  * computational cheapness of serving them (disk is cheaper than CPU)

...but here I'd differ.  If you are running your own server, then
yes, diskspace is cheap.  But on a commercial host, diskspace and
bandwidth are the chargeble factors: CPU usage is generally
unmetered.  I have to restrict the lomgevity of my archives to
conserve diskspace, but a database-driven archive system would
probably allow me to keep much more data on-line without extra cost.
It should also facilitate easier searching than with a static system.

So despite my general preference for static files, this is one
application where a database might suit me rather well!   (Though I'm
aware it's partly a consequence of an ill-considered charging system,
which might change ... but it is quite prevalent)

A d/b-driven system would also make it much easier to roll out layout
changes, which can be a real pain on a static system.


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