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2000-12-06 22:07:27
On December 2, 2000 at 18:37, "leo.ufv" wrote:

    Is there a variable in mhonarc that do the same that 
$TOADDRNAME$ ? I need to use mhonarc for more than one 
user. I need to do the following: <a href="../users/
ong></a>   -  "$userid" is a variable of my perl script. 
I did <a 
ECTNA$</strong></a>, for only one user ("ljs", in this 

I'm unsure on some of the details of what you are doing, but
may be the following may work for you:

What you can do is use the DEFINEVAR resource to define
a custom variable that contains the userid you need and reference
the custom variable.  For example:

  shell> mhonarc -definevar USERID="ljs" ...

And in your layout resource, you have:

  <a  href="../users/$USERID$/outbox/msg$MSGNUM$.html">...

If calling mhonarc within a perl program, you can do:

        '-definevar', 'USERID='.$userid,
        ## other options here


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