Re: -mhpattern on NT systems?

2000-12-07 23:09:01
On December 7, 2000 at 15:31, Reini Urban wrote:

Earl Hood wrote:
On December 3, 2000 at 21:51, Gerry Hickman wrote:
When using the -mhpattern command line parameter on Windows NT it seems
I must enclose the regex in double quotes. Single quotes and forward
slashes do not appear to work.

Windows' command shell does support quoting like Unix-based shells do.
                        I forgote the "not".

CMD.EXE not, and COMMAND.COM neither. 
'' is not supported. 
" \"..\" " doesn't work as well, which is needed for many perl one-liners 
searching for strings. 
Therefore I have to use bash.exe or tcsh.exe or use the octal equivalent of "
best is the latest cygwin bash.

But forward slashes do work on NT as pathname delimiters.

Because internally forward slashes are used by the OS.

Use an OS with real command-line shells ;^)

This is not OS dependent. bash and tcsh work fine on NT.

And bash and tcsh come from the Unix world and users of them typically
expect to have Unix-type utilities.  I'm a Cygwin user myself.  BTW,
bash and tcsh require cygwin since it provides a unix system call
interface to Win32.  I have not seen any native bash or tcsh programs
for Win32.  MKS Toolkit does provide a ksh.


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