Re: Another beginner Question - HTML formatted emails

2000-12-23 14:18:08
On December 19, 2000 at 09:44, Ian Wilson wrote:

1) if the body of a message looks like (******* are delimiters in this 
email only):
Then it comes through into the mhonarc generated HTML page with all the 
HTML tags visible.

2) If, however, the message looks like:
the resulting messagexxxx.html file displays as just the last few lines as 
shown here:

See the CHANGES file in the v2.4.7 release.

3) There are also some messages that have "<x-flowed>"  at the beginning of 
the message and then "</x-flowed>" at the end of the message.  Doesn't seem 
to cause any damage but .......
Is there a method to get HTML formatted messages to be interpreted 
correctly?  I assume there is some sort of resource seting that will help me.

The real question is:

    Is there a way to get a huge corporation that makes a ton of
    money with sub-standard software to create a MUA that can follow
    basic mail standards, and if not, does MHonArc (a free software
    program) have the ability to work around an abhorrent MUA?

MHonArc does have the ability to deal with (some) abhorrent messages.
See the CHANGES file in the v2.4.7 release for some new options
to the m2h_text_plain::filter.  "<x-flowed>" is not handled.
Note, see the MIMEFILTERS resource for information on how to
control message conversion and the default list of filters provided
and the options they support.  You should be able to jump down
to the "Default Settings" section of the MIMEFILTERS resource page.


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