Re: Subject line woes

2000-12-23 14:30:51
On December 19, 2000 at 23:27, "SysAdmin," wrote:

Sorry if this has been covered before - Does anyone know what causes MHonArc
to display subject lines like this:


It happens sporatically to one of my customers, and I've looked for a 'rhyme
and reason' to why this only happens with certain messages, assuming some
kind of delimiter problem - But I'm currently out of ideas. Help!

MHonArc does not have a charset filter for the "windows-1252"
charset.  You may get by having the following resource definition:

windows-1252;   mhonarc::htmlize

See the documentation on CHARSETCONVERTERS for more information
and an explanation of the =?...?.?...?= stuff.


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