Re: switch, message deletion switch

2001-01-05 17:51:43
On January 4, 2001 at 00:11, Jeff Breidenbach wrote:

1) Are you still thinking about modifying the to support
   exclusion of files based on filename regexp and/or content type? I'm
   about ready to declare a vendetta on image/jpeg.

I could add it.  You could easily do the following to exclude images:

image/*;        m2h_null::filter;

To allow exclusion based on filename, I could add exclusion by filename
extension.  This will avoid the overhead of regex re-evaluation each
time the filter is called.  The only time filename exclusion really
has applicability is when data is specified as application/octet-stream
and the filename parameter is the only clue on what the content-type
may really be.  Of course, you could always exclude all data specified
as application/octet-stream as described above.

A somewhat-related change is to support exclusion based on data
size.  I.e.  And data over a specified number of bytes will not
be saved.

2) Any chance of adding a resource to disable message deletion? (i.e.
   I can have a constant size .mhonarc.db through MAXSIZE but
   unlimited message files). I'm currently using patched code to
   achieve this.

This should be easy to add.  BTW, what do you do about the index
pages?  I.e.  The message will still be "removed" wrt index page
generation, so the only way to get to the files would be from
search results.


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