Processing of forwarded messages

2001-01-08 05:11:22
In our company, we are beginning to use Mhonarc to archive email. All messages 
sent to  folder1(_at_)domain, folder2(_at_)domain(_dot_)(_dot_)(_dot_) are 
caught by a sendmail rule and placed in the box mail2web(_at_)domain(_dot_) A 
POP3 retriever written in Perl and Mhonarc produce neat HTML archives.

But sometimes, the sender, especially if he is outside our company, forgets to 
put folder(_at_)domain in copy. If we forward the message with our mail user 
agent Outlook, it is in fact another message which is sent. So the headers 
indicate the forwarder as the sender, the date of the forwarding as the date of 
the message, etc.

With Outlook you can also send the initial message as "an element". In fact the 
initial message seems to be sent as a MIME part in a new message. Mhonarc 
recognizes this type of part and provides the standard output in the message 

Can Mhonarc consider the forwarding as an envelop and process the part as the 
whole message and index it according its headers ?

- Jean-Philippe Papillon

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