image Content-Type statistics

2001-01-07 18:53:33

Here's some rough statistics as promised -- essentially I am seeing
that MIME type correctness for images varies a lot across different
mailing lists. For example:

One list archive with about 6000 image attachments has:

51   application/octet-stream
1134 image/pjpeg
4866 image/jpeg
18   image/jpg

Another list archive with about 100 image attachments has:

75 application/octet-stream
0  image/pjpeg
15 image/jpeg
0  image/jpg

As you can see, some lists are better than others in terms
of proper Content-Type labeling. Interestingly, I didn't see
much weirdness beyone application/octet-stream -- maybe I just
didn't look hard enough.


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