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2001-01-11 14:56:42

Thank you for the info on mhn2mbox.  It does the job!  I'm unsure if
Anthony is on the list, but here aer some suggestions for it's further

- I had to do a small hack of the code so that it woud point to my mhonarc
installation dir.  I'm sure this is different on every system (i'm on
freebsd). Maybe a comand line attribute that would allow the user to
select a different path to there mhonarc dir would be in order

- I generated my list using a different prefix for each html page (ise as
opposed to msg)  I had to hack the source so that the script would
recognize my prefix.  Perhaps a command line atribute would be in order
here as well.

- The archive i'm working on restoring is around 2000 msgs strong.  No
small task!  The script runs fine up to a ertain point, but after around
750 msgs processed it starts hogging system resources like mad.  It
actually brought my machine to a near stand still sucking up 85% of
the swap file - mines at around 250mb.  Perhaps there is a better way of
running the process?  I had to break my archive up into several smaller
chunks manually and then run the script on each portion.

Besides that, the script seems like it works quite well!  Thanks!


On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Erik Rossen wrote:

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On Wed, 10 Jan 2001, Institute for Social Ecology wrote:

I am faced with the task of reconstructing a mhonarc generated archive
into a diffrent HTML layout, but unfortunatly do not have the original
mbox files.  I cam e across a thread on this list from not to long ago
about the creation of a tool to convert mhonarc generated pages to mbox
format.  Does this tool exsist as of yet?  If there any way to preform the
above task with any other tools?

I'm glad you asked!  Maybe NOW Anthony will get off his butt and announce
it properly. :-) :-)

The tool you are looking for is called mhn2mbox and it is available at .  This
software is still undergoing testing, but it has reached the level where
most (if not all) messages with attachements get properly reconstructed
and added to a pseudo-mbox.  Your mileage may vary, of course.

Look in for other
versions and files related to this program.


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