2001-01-16 18:13:09

Our old server died, so I'm recreating our archive in this new location, and for some reason now there are enough emails to trigger a second index page, and there are a couple things I thought I'd mention here:

1. At first, I didn't know about $MMDDYYYY$, so I just used $DDMMYYYY$. When I tried to change it, it didn't seem to make a difference. Now, starting from scratch, I get what I want. Maybe it was keeping something in the .db file to stay consistent once it started?

2. This is really the $PG$ issue.  :-)  It says in:

that it takes as an argument an idx_page_spec -- FIRST, LAST, NEXT, PREV, TFIRST, TLAST, TNEXT, or TPREV -- and that if no value is given, the resource variable's value is undefined.

However, I think one of the examples used just $PG$ for the filename of the current date index page, and that works. But I also wanted something analogous for the thread index page. I tried $TIDXFNAME$, but that was just the first thread index page.

So, just for kicks, I tried $PG(T)$, and that does it.  :-)


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