Re: Subject-only thread order

2001-01-16 19:24:03
Hi Andrew,

The original question (Msg 00007) occurs at the lowest index number and
the earliest time, but some other message has been picked as the top of
the thread.

I have seen similar behaviour caused by "date/time" stamps being earlier
in replies than they were in original posts. This was happening with the
list-server component of the Mercury/32 mail server in that the list
server was using the "sent" date (as in message headers) and the mail
client (of the original post) had been using the "received" date (as in
MTA headers). This was causing "back to front" threading and was solved
by "forcing" MHonArc to choose one or the other (setting in the rc

This does still leave the question as to why originals are not
prioritized by lack of the "Re:" text, but I imagine this would
"potentially" be an unreliable way of sorting.

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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