Re: Subject-only thread order

2001-01-19 23:49:32
Earl Hood wrote:

The output looks correct, technically.  The date
"Thu, 5 Jan 1995 16:07:22 +0600" is older than
"Thu, 5 Jan 1995 21:21:12 GMT".  That is, you actually received
the response to a message before the original message.  This can
happen depending on how mail gets routed.

Thanks Earl, I discovered that this appears to have resulted from
something like SunOS 4.x putting the wrong sign on its timestamps - that
+0600 was actually sent from the US CST timezone so it should have been
-0600, and many other similar ones in my archive from different sites. 
I've edited the archive by hand to correct it.  Luckily Sun seemed to have
fixed it fairly soon after that.

- Andrew
Every great idea appears crazy to start with.

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