Message bodies missing

2001-01-17 12:52:00

I used to use mhonarc regularly (with Listproc) until about 4 years ago and am now returning back to the fold. Hope everyone has been well!

My first stab today at getting re-acquainted with mhonarc didn't quite work out. I did an export of a Lyris archive into an mbox format file, then I issued the mhonarc command against the file, specifying an output directory. It seems to have created files for each message and the index page looks OK. However, when I view a page, the message body is missing. All the headers are there in their full glory, but no message. If you're so inclined, see what I mean here:

If troubleshooting is required, the input file (1.2Meg) is here:

Any idea what would make mhonarc skip the message body for every message?


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