Re: Message bodies missing

2001-01-17 14:16:32
There are a couple of problems with the mbox archive.  

Most of the lines have an extra carriage return.  Instead of
ending in \r\n or \n, they end in \r\r\n.  MHonArc is unable
to recognize the blank line separating the headers and body
because of this.

Also, in some of the original messages it appears that there is 
no blank line separating the headers and body, irrespective 
of the carriage returns.


On 17 Jan 12:20, Kevin McCann wrote:

I used to use mhonarc regularly (with Listproc) until about 4 years ago and 
am now returning back to the fold. Hope everyone has been well!

My first stab today at getting re-acquainted with mhonarc didn't quite work 
out. I did an export of a Lyris archive into an mbox format file, then I 
issued the mhonarc command against the file, specifying an output 
directory. It seems to have created files for each message and the index 
page looks OK. However, when I view a page, the message body is missing. 
All the headers are there in their full glory, but no message. If you're so 
inclined, see what I mean here:

If troubleshooting is required, the input file (1.2Meg) is here:

Any idea what would make mhonarc skip the message body for every message?


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