Re: Attached Files

2001-01-25 14:07:27

I don't understand your question. You say when you "read mail" MhonArc
generates new attachments, but this is impossible. Do you mean when you
"convert mail"?

I can't say I've noticed this, but I do have a similar question about
attachments; if I set the expires resource so that messages will be
removed after say one year, will MhonArc also delete the attachments?

"leo.ufv" wrote:

Hi there!

    When I read mail with attached files, MHonArc creates
a xx00000.xx file (for example, jpg00000.jpg). If I
read mail again, and convert, MHonArc creates a new file,
jpg00001.jpg, that is the same that the first. And if
I read again, MHonArc creates jpg00002.jpg, and so on.
So, there is a way to avoid it (a lot of files that are
the same)?

Thanks for any help!


Compras com facilidade e segurança?

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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