Re: Attached Files

2001-01-25 18:52:21
On January 25, 2001 at 10:56, "leo.ufv" wrote:

    When I read mail with attached files, MHonArc creates
a xx00000.xx file (for example, jpg00000.jpg). If I 
read mail again, and convert, MHonArc creates a new file,
jpg00001.jpg, that is the same that the first. And if
I read again, MHonArc creates jpg00002.jpg, and so on.
So, there is a way to avoid it (a lot of files that are 
the same)? 

Are you using -add?  If so, do your messages have message-ids?

If you are recreating the archive each time, then yes, you will
get what you are seeing since MHonArc has no way to know which files
are safe to overwrite.  If recreating, just delete all files first
in the archive directory before mhonarc is called.


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