Using memory wisely (Out of memory!)

2001-01-29 22:34:00
"Out of memory!"

That's the error message that I'm getting after adding about 5,000
messages. Unfortunately, MHonArc is being run on a box that only gives it
16 megabytes to work with. 

I've already tried repeatedly adding 100 messages at a time with the
-savemem option, without result. :-(

I'd appreciate advice on how to run MHonArc so it uses little (ideally
less than zero ;-)) memory. I know that half a meg used to be considered
extravagant, so I expect that it can be done.


PS: I'd like to keep all of the messages in one archive to preserve the
continuity of links to followup messages.

PPS: I'm wondering about the possibility of a memory leak. Somehow MHonArc
is using 16 megabytes for about 5000 messages, even though the database
and index files only add up to 3.5 megabytes. (Is MHonArc supposed to need
3000 bytes of memory per message?) I'm running MHonArc 2.4.7 and perl
5.6.0 on BSDI 4.0.1.

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