Re: Using memory wisely (Out of memory!)

2001-01-29 23:47:03

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On 29/01/01 at 19:41 Kingsley G. Morse Jr. wrote:

"Out of memory!"

That's the error message that I'm getting after adding about 5,000
messages. Unfortunately, MHonArc is being run on a box that only gives it
16 megabytes to work with. 

Thats really not much to work with is it? I would do some upgrading seeing
the price is probably not an issue, but for now...

This not being a great solution, I would shut down any services that may
not be needed, you probably have done this, but just in case, also from a
script you could shut down something that may not be needed whilst the
script is running and start it again after the job is complete (within the
mhonarc script)

Check all the processes running are actually needed & that there is a swap
file.....if this is all obvious, then disregard...


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