Re: Using memory wisely (Out of memory!)

2001-01-30 01:42:04
On Tue:16:15, Greg Wright wrote:
On 29/01/01 at 19:41 Kingsley G. Morse Jr. wrote:

That's the error message that I'm getting after adding about 5,000
messages. Unfortunately, MHonArc is being run on a box that only gives it
16 megabytes to work with. 

Thats really not much to work with is it? I would do some upgrading seeing
the price is probably not an issue, but for now...

I'd upgrade too, if it were my box. But the 16 megs is a software system
limit imposed by an ISP. See "ulimit -a".

I'm hoping to find a clever way to run MHonArc so that it needs
considerably less than 2,800 bytes of memory for each indexed message.
-savemem, -nomain and -nothread haven't done the trick.


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