add + remove = move

2001-02-06 04:56:45
Hi all,
I'd like to use mhonarc as the basis for a webmail for  individual
users. It seems to me such applications should have the ability to move
email messages from folder to folder.

Looking at the mhonarc documentation I could find an add function and
a remove function. But the add function seems to work with raw email
messages, not the files produced by mhonarc.

The move I am thinking of is pretty simple : given source folder,
destination folder and message number update the mhonarc-db files in both
and move the files that belong to the message being moved (attachments..)
(Or initializes mhonarc-db file in destination folder if it doesn't exist)

Has this been taken care of? Does this look sensible?? Other comments?

All the best


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