Can I include a file or run a command from within a resource file?

2001-02-06 11:23:30

MhonArc team:

My page headers and page footers are stored in a separate file, which
normally get pulled into my pages via dynamic HTML.  One way I could
simulate this behavior so my mhonarc archive has the same look & feel
would be to use the "IdxPgBegin" and "IdxPgEnd" resources and copy
in the same files.  

However, I hate duplicating this info in two places.  Is it possible
for me to specify that the value for "IdxPgBegin" and "IdxPgEnd" are
the contents of another file, or that the value for "IdxPgBegin" is
the output of a command like "cat that_other_file"?  Is there another
or better way to do what I am trying?

This might be a good FAQ question/answer.

Thanks!  I am not on the alias, so please cc: me on any answers.


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