Re: An archiver which generates dynamic contents

2001-02-06 18:51:47
Earl Hood wrote :

I never said "can't".  But I did say it would take some redesign.

Right, my fault for the wrong quotation. However,
if "can't" is too strong, I think that "redesign"
is not enough, see below.

The issue is how much of the current code base can be modified
to support hooks into external systems like an RDBMS.  Or, if
a redesign should be done.  

It's not a hook, it changes the fundamental way the program
works, the database is the central point of the program.
I'd say that moving mhonarc towards this direction would
be more like writing a new program with a complete different
base and reading some code from mhonarc when needed.
A lot of code indeed, as mhonarc has an impressive number
of features, so the old reused code would be bigger than
the new code but it's still a rewrite qualitatively.

Anyway, as I wrote, I worked on my own on purpose, I
considered this as a training for my first program in
python which may be valuable enough to be used by other
It's not the most efficient way to make a project, but
I'm not paid for that. I'm sure that an organized team
with people like you would have done better than me
but I enjoy ;) But perl, really I couldn't. I must spent
hours and make several attempts to find out the right
syntax for something which I think natural in python,
(no flame about just the language thing please !)


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