Re: An archiver which generates dynamic contents

2001-02-08 19:21:45
I like it, though it's only in python :)
I think of building my mailengine in php4. 
it's limited but as apache extension it's very fast. 
i just wrote my movie database in one day.

in special: 
- why do you want to change from mysql to postgres?
- why only cgi?

"Alain Tésio" schrieb:
It's not a hook, it changes the fundamental way the program
works, the database is the central point of the program.
I'd say that moving mhonarc towards this direction would
be more like writing a new program with a complete different
base and reading some code from mhonarc when needed.
A lot of code indeed, as mhonarc has an impressive number
of features, so the old reused code would be bigger than
the new code but it's still a rewrite qualitatively.
Reini Urban

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