Re: Help getting dates into the date&thread views

2001-04-26 15:00:41

It's certainly possible, but be aware that dates in e-mail can be
confusing; there's the date in the "Received" headers and then there's
the date in the "message" headers - make sure you choose the correct

Have a look at this extract from my RC file:

<!--=== Thread Index Page Customizations
<base target="main">
<LINK REL=STYLESHEET HREF="../zak.css" TYPE="text/css">







Rob Zietlow wrote:

Hi, this should be a simple question for you to hopefully answer.  I just
got put on a project with a customer keeping up a mail archive (obviously)
The customer wants dates to be included in the date & Thread view pages
after the senders name.  How exactly can I do this?  I am not too familiar
with programming. I got assigned to this because I implemented their web
servers which are Win2k.  Do I need to change something in, or write up a
new rcfile in the /mailarch directory, or what exact syntax do I use?
Looking at all the example pages I see no listings of dates after the
senders name.  Please respond to me directly, for I am not on this mailing

Thank you for your time

Rob Zietlow
NOC Analyst
Berbee Information Networks
(608)288-3000   Fax (608)288-3007

Gerry Hickman (London UK)

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