Re: script perl

2001-06-13 12:21:36
On May 22, 2001 at 16:30, "Phillipe Le Gal" wrote:

I've created. I'm changing the script of the program ext-archiver located in
the Mailman folder.
This scritp has to display the list I create but just one time:
The list is as follow:

I do not want to show the mbox files, so I have to compare each name of the
list file with the string ".mbox" , but I do not know the correct
instruction. Maybe it is "index" ?

I saw no follow-up to this message to the list.  Probably because the
message has little to do with MHonArc and more to do with Perl
programming.  There are several USENET newsgroups devoted to the Perl
programming language.  One of those groups are a more appropriate forum
about general Perl questions.  Or, you can find a tutorial on the Perl
language to get you started.

Good luck,


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