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2001-06-13 12:24:28
On May 14, 2001 at 15:08, GARGIULO Eduardo INGDESI wrote:

Hi. I'm new to the list and new to mhonarc.
I want to view the messages of my list in
web pages using mhonarc. The quick start
section of mhonarc docs talk about a mail
directory for list messages. Is these directory
a $digest_work_dir or is not necesary configure
a digest to use mhonarc?

I am not familiar with the workings of Majordomo, but since I saw
no follow-up (at least to the list), I'll try to help.

The Quick Start section mentions support for MH-style mail folders and
UUCP/Unix-style mailbox files.  These categories identify two storage
models of mail messages: a directory contain each mail message in a
separate file (MH-style); and a single file contain multiple messages
where each message is delineated by a well-defined separator
(UUCP/Unix-style).  MHonArc provides the MHPATTERN and MSGSEP resource
so MHonArc can adapt to variations of the two basic formats.

As for Majordomo digests, this is mentioned in the FAQ:
However, you get better results if archiving the original raw
messages with MHonArc since Majordomo digests strip some mail headers
out of messages.  Many users subscribe a special account to the
list they want to archive and have that account call mhonarc to
archive the mail.  This provides greater flexibility because archive
management is separate from list management.  I.e.  Maintaining the web
archives has no dependency on the type mailing list management software
you use.


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