Re: no result from marc-search

2001-06-18 20:11:37
On June 18, 2001 at 09:34, Ragnhild Nestande wrote:

Will somebody please help me? I have tried my best to set up
marc-search, and it works much better than before (when everything was
wrong). I do not get server errors, and the page appears fine, but I
don't get any results. The search engine gives me the following message:

Summary of Search Results
Searched 0 out of 0 messages...
      0 matches in Body

If anybody has an idea I will be more than happy (I am very tired of

Unfortunately, there is no current maintainer for marc-search, so the
only ones that can give you help are those that still use it (anyone
willing to take over maintenance?).

Not knowing the details of marc-search, I can only give general

. Is it configured properly?  Maybe it trying to scan for a MHonArc
  archive in the wrong location.  The summary messages looks like
  it is scaning a location that has no message files.  Are their any
  message files in the directory you have marc-search configured to

. Do you know Perl?  If so, start hacking away.

Note, you may want to consider using a search engine.  I've used
Namazu, <>, and is fairly easy to build and
install (and understands MHonArc message files).

I plan some day to make available a general mail archiving system that
uses Procmail, MHonArc, and Namazu as a starter kit for those serious
about creating and managing mail archives.  I have a basis from the
internal archives I have setup at my current and past jobs.  I just
need to make modifications that support easier auto-configuration and
some more flexibility.


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