Re: patch: improved TSLICE, thread navigation, ...

2001-06-27 19:08:12
Also, you had commented:

- Change AUTHSORT and SUBSORT so they sort messages by reverse
  chronological order within author/subject groupings, but the groupings
  remain in alphabetical order. This seems more generally useful. (But this
  behavior could be controlled through some resource.)

This should be removed or resource controled.  Existing default behaviors
should not be changed unless there is a good reason.  Since there is
an existing user base, there may be some that have unknowning rely on
the existing default behavior, and if changed, the appearance of their
archives are quietly changed.  Probably have a resource that controls
the chronological order of messages listed in a group.  I've considered
this a long time ago, but never got around to it.  Should complicate
the sorting code a little.

I added a REVERSEDATE resource like you suggested.