Re: multipart emails (with HTML) translation to single text/plain 8bit

2001-07-09 17:24:08
On July 9, 2001 at 16:07, "Gildas PERROT" wrote:

Thanks Earl for your answer.

I nearly obtained what I wanted, ie, make mhonarc output like a standard
email :

The only problem is that in the body, there is still "Title:" which has been
added (see below) How can I make it disappear with mhonarc conversion ?


You'll need to create a custom version of the text/html filter
( to exclude the above output since the current version
does not provide an option to disable the output.  It should be an
easy modification to make (if you know Perl).  I'll consider making
the change myself, but until then, you'll need to do it if you need
the change immediately.

BTW, see MIMEFILTERS resource for details on registering your own filter
and how filters are written.


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