Re: out of memory on read

2001-07-09 17:23:54
On July 9, 2001 at 12:00, Morgan Fletcher wrote:

The command line I'm using is:

  /usr/pkg/bin/mhonarc -add -savemem -rcfile \
  /usr/pkg/libexec/cgi-bin/.wilma/landcruisers.rc -outdir 200106 \

This is the output I get:

  Reading resource file: \
  /usr/pkg/libexec/cgi-bin/.wilma/landcruisers.rc ...
  Adding messages to 200106
  Reading landcruisers.200106 .Out of memory!

Check your resource file, "landcruisers.rc", to see if you have
nay unclosed resources.  I.e.  Resource that do not have the proper
close tag.   Also, if it is an HTML message, you may be interested in
the work-around introduced in v2.4.8 to a regex engine bug in perl.

If you can provide pointers to your resource file and the message
causing the problem, I can examine them to see where the problem may be.


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