Re: out of memory on read

2001-07-10 21:39:37
On July 10, 2001 at 14:42, Morgan Fletcher wrote:

OK, I think I've found the problem.

Midway through April, the machine serving out list transitioned from
sendmail 8.8.7 to 8.11.0. It is at that boundary that things go
awry. Before that transition, mhonarc 2.4.7 handles messages properly,
after that transition, mhonarc wads all messages into a monolithic
msg00000.html and runs out of memory. I talked about it with a
friend. Looking at the headers, he pointed out that the only thing that
seems odd is that the Message ID goes from 8 characters to 12:

This should not affect MHonArc, but you never know.  If you can
compress your mailbox file and mail it to me (personally and not to the
list), I'll try to see what is up.


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