Re: out of memory on read

2001-07-12 22:44:50
(Courtesy cc to mhonarc list since this message may be benficial to
 other users, including those who use Wilma)

On July 10, 2001 at 20:32, Morgan Fletcher wrote:

Midway through April, the machine serving out list transitioned from
sendmail 8.8.7 to 8.11.0. It is at that boundary that things go
awry. Before that transition, mhonarc 2.4.7 handles messages properly,
after that transition, mhonarc wads all messages into a monolithic
msg00000.html and runs out of memory. I talked about it with a
friend. Looking at the headers, he pointed out that the only thing that
seems odd is that the Message ID goes from 8 characters to 12:

The message ID is not the problem.

Here is the rc file:

I'd like to quote the following from the resource file you provided:

^From .*  \w{3} \w{3} [ \d]\d

This setting -- which appears to be from a template resource from
Wilma -- does not match the message separator generated by the
newer version of sendmail.  Take the following separators:

Sendmail 8.8.7
    From owner-landcruisers(_at_)moab(_dot_)off-road(_dot_)com  Wed Apr  4 
11:09:25 2001
Sendmail 8.11.0
    From owner-landcruisers(_at_)moab(_dot_)off-road(_dot_)com Wed Apr  4 
22:14:45 2001

See the difference.  The above regex for MSGSEP apparently fails to
match the newer separator, hence MHonArc treats all the data following
the first occurance of the new separator as one mail message.  And it
is one BIG mail message due to the size of file you gave me.  I think
the MIMEARGS settings you have to wrap long text lines probably make
things worse on the memory usage when dealing with the bogus long

IMO, the MSGSEP regex in use is poorly done since the use of ".*" is
expensize and relying on a specific number of spaces is dangerous.
Now, if lines beginning with "From " gets escaped, you can use the
default value (which will successfully process the entire mailbox file
you sent to me).  If not, you can try some of the ones mentioned in the
FAQ "Why does a message get split into mulitple messages with no
headers?"  Or, you can just tweek the existing one to handle both

Hope this helps,


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