Re: running MHonArc from scratch: attachments

2001-07-17 19:19:29
On July 17, 2001 at 11:34, Eddie Kohler wrote:

I occasionally rerun MHonArc from scratch (on a full directory of mail
messages). It rewrites all the "msgNNNNN.html" files, as you might expect,
but saves old "" files (and other MIME attachment files),
leading to an eventually-gigantic directory. How easy would it be to have
MHonArc rewrite attachment file names as well as "msgNNNNN.html" filenames,
when run in this manner? Any hints where I should look?

`man rm' :-)

The attachment file writing code does not try to track all derived
files (which attachments are part of) when determining the filename of
the attachment; all it does is make sure that the file it writes does
not conflict with any existing files (unless you are using the usename
option).  This would make the code less generic and cause attachment
management more complicated then it needs to be.   Also, if someone
chooses to have other non-archive files co-exist in an archive directory,
they can feel confident that MHonArc will place nice and not overwrite
any files.

Generally, if you are going to do a rebuild of an archive, just delete
all the existing files in the archive before you rerun.


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