RE: mhonarc configuration

2001-08-29 10:26:13
I use MHonArc 2.4.7 version...
I have a problem with my thread listings : Into a thread, I have always a
first default line that appears wich is "Possible follow-up(s)"  (see the
example below): how or where can I delete this first element from the thread
list? I 'd like to have directly the response or the followed mail. Is it
I have already change the tag <TLiTxt> but the text "Possible follow-up(s)"
is still present in my threads.html page.

example of my threads.html page:

Subject : [Lista2] maj <frm00006.html>,                                         
        Author : root,                  Date: Tue,
28 Aug 2001 18:30:09 +0500
<Possible follow-up(s)>                 //here is the line I want to delete
Response : [Lista2] maj <frm00007.html> ,                       Author : root , 
                        Date : Wed,
28 Aug 2001 18:34:27 +0500

my tag <TLiTxt> is as follow:

<strong>Subject : </strong><a $A_NAME$ $FRAME-MAIN$
<strong> Author : </strong>$FROMNAME$ ,
<strong>Date : </strong>$DATE$

Hope to be understandable, and to receive any kind of help.

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