Re: WG: mhn2mbox - A MhonArc to "mbox" Converter

2001-08-29 16:44:58
On August 29, 2001 at 16:47, Rzecki Krzysztof wrote:

I tried to run mhn2mbox, but I have received such messages:

Global symbol "@array" requires explicit package name at
/bin/mhn2mbox-0.35 line 95.
What does it mean: ?

I do not know how mhn2mbox is implemented, but the messages
imply that perl is running in strict mode.  If there is
something like the following line in the program:

  use strict;

You can remove it and retry running the program to see if
you get the output you desire.  Or, patch the code to
explicitly have @array declared with 'my' or with a 'use vars'
pragma.  If you do not know Perl, try the former.


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