Re: WG: mhn2mbox - A MhonArc to "mbox" Converter

2001-08-30 00:19:42

This is most embarassing. Lots of apologies for your troubles. The version
on the website had some careless bugs:

1. MBOXFILE was not opened for output
2. A number of variables were not declared properly 
3. A number of print statements needed cleanup.

I have just corrected these bugs and ran a test against the files in

The output is at

where mailbox.out is the output from the mhn2mbox script.

The new code is now version 0.36 and is available at

Sorry any inconvenience.

On Wed, 29 Aug 2001, Earl Hood wrote:

On August 29, 2001 at 16:47, Rzecki Krzysztof wrote:

I tried to run mhn2mbox, but I have received such messages:

Global symbol "@array" requires explicit package name at
/bin/mhn2mbox-0.35 line 95.
What does it mean: ?

I do not know how mhn2mbox is implemented, but the messages
imply that perl is running in strict mode.  If there is
something like the following line in the program:

  use strict;

You can remove it and retry running the program to see if
you get the output you desire.  Or, patch the code to
explicitly have @array declared with  'my' or with a 'use vars'
pragma.  If you do not know Perl, try the former.




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