[PATCH] PKCS#7 signed data handling in MHonArc

2001-11-14 04:01:22
 Hello list,

 Sorry if I'm not in the right place for patches. Here included is a
Perl module that enables extracting of PKCS#7 "monolithic"
cryptographically signed data, such as emitted by Outlook. It works
with MHOnArc 2.4.9. It comes with a test suite including a real
piece of PKCS#7.

  There are a couple issues to reach perfection (search for FIXME
inside the code), but it works very well indeed: I was able to render
a typical HTML mail with a background image and a .DOC attachment,
all signed by Outlook :-). All this thanks to your fine software, of
course. Very nice work, many congrats to you all !

<< Tout n'y est pas parfait, mais on y honore certainement les jardiniers >>

                        Dominique Quatravaux 

Description: Perl program

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