Re: [PATCH] PKCS#7 signed data handling in MHonArc

2001-11-14 11:23:17
On November 14, 2001 at 10:22, Dominique Quatravaux wrote:

 Sorry if I'm not in the right place for patches. Here included is a

The list is the appropriate forum for anything related to MHonArc.
There is currently no separate list just for development-based

Perl module that enables extracting of PKCS#7 "monolithic"
cryptographically signed data, such as emitted by Outlook. It works
with MHOnArc 2.4.9. It comes with a test suite including a real
piece of PKCS#7.

Cool.  Are you interested in making the modifications to reflect
the filter API changes in MHonArc 2.5?  Also, the routines in have changed to work with Perl 5 data structures vs
the old Perl 4-style structures.

I have not looked at the code in detail, so I have the following

. It appears the PKCS#7 filter requires no patches to the main
  MHonArc code base.  Is this correct?

. Can you supply how one would register the filter into MHonArc
  via the MIMEFILTERS resource?

. Can you list any external dependencies the filter relies on
  (e.g. openssl)?

I have not looked into the details of PKCS, but if has to deal
with multipart/related messages (like SMIME), you can look at to see how a filter can access other parts of
a message.  Focus on the resolve_cid() routine.

If the filter can be updated to be compatible with v2.5, I
can include it into the standard distribution.

Thanks for the contribution,


P.S. MHOnArc -> MHonArc

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