ezmlm-mhonarc implementation

2001-11-29 01:09:19

i have installed ezmlm over qmail 
now i want to implement MHonArc for ezmlm mail to html convertion

I have  installed mhonarc and created the sample archive ran successfully..
i ran following command for creating the archive:

mhonarc -outdir "/usr/local/apache/cgi-bin/html/"  

but the above command has made the archive for one mailing list mannually
i want to make it happen for all my mailing lists and update the archives 
dynamically as and when new mails arrives in ezmlm mailing lists.....
also can i change the look and feel of the html pages ? 

can nebody provide necessary guidelines ....
has nebody worked on such mailing list ...if yes plese provide the url....



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