ezmlm-mhonarc add option

2001-11-30 03:55:04

i have implemented mhonarc to convert ezmlm archives into html, it works 
successfully, but i want to implement dynamic addition of new archives coming 
to the mailing list to be added in the mhonarc archives...

The solution i found in this mailing list is that i have to add mhonarc command 
with -add option in ezmlm DIR/editer file so that it will automatically 
executed when new mail come to the ezmlm mailing list.
I tried the same....but it never work out......i added following command in 
DIR/editor file after ezmlm-send command:

/usr/local/bin/mhonarc/mhonarc -add -outdir  

can anybody suggest the solution for the problem....

pl. reply asap



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