Re: ezmlm-mhonarc add option

2001-11-30 17:03:05
On November 30, 2001 at 14:59, "niraj" wrote:

i have implemented mhonarc to convert ezmlm archives into html, it works
successfully, but i want to implement dynamic addition of new archives
coming to the mailing list to be added in the mhonarc archives...

It is better on resources to have updates performed via cron,
especially for large archives.  Although mhonarc supports adding
messages as they go in, I personally advice against this approach since
it adds more risk for problems to occur and does not work well for
high-traffic mailing lists.

The FAQ provides a start on how to process ezmlm archives.  For
performance, you can write a front-end that stats directories and
only passes the directories to mhonarc that have been modified
within last X seconds/minutes/hours/whatever to avoid unnecessary
scanning of older directories.


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