A text/html message which seems to sneak an <img src> off-site ref past mhonarc

2001-12-02 17:45:04
I like how mhonarc strips out all the non-local links from HTML
mail messages.  Almost all HTML messages we get on
are spam, and all off-site links are undesirable.  I noticed one
spam that appears to have snuck an inlined off-site link past
mhonarc.  Here's the mhonarc'ed version:

There is a link to the raw message at the top, but I munge the
headers of the mail note at display-time so you won't be able to
run that through mhonarc yourself.  I'll append the untouched
message as mhonarc received it below.  My configuration has the
following MIMEargs set:

application/*: subdir usename usenameext
audio/*:       subdir usename usenameext
text/html:     nofont
text/plain:    attachcheck

As I understand 2.5.1's HTML defanging code, I think this message
is showing a bug. I haven't looked into this code path in detail,
but I wanted to pass it along anyway in case something jumps out
at someone.



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