Re: date of message in the mailing.html page.

2002-01-15 11:59:08
On January 15, 2002 at 12:41, "kamel" wrote:

Hi all, I'm new user with mhonarc.
I would like to see the date of message in the mailing.html page.

You will need to create a resource file that describes the
layout changes that you want.  The Page Layout section
of the documentation summarizes the resources that affect
the layout of the various pages generated by mhonarc.  You
only need to redefine resources that you want to change.
Take your case for example, you will want to change
the LITEMPLATE resource to include the date of the message
for each message listed in maillist.html.

There is also an appendix section giving example resource
files that should provide you with some help on getting started.

If you still have further questions, follow-up to the mailing


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