Re: Date Format in Message header

2002-01-21 11:11:04
On January 21, 2002 at 11:12, From: Wilhelm Alm wrote:

 I am looking for a way to use MSGLOCALDATE   in the
 message header which I have defined in <MSGLOCALDATEFMT>.
 That format I am using in <LITEMPLATE>; its working ok.
 But I found no way to get   <MSGLOCALDATEFMT> or <LOCALDATEFMT>
 into the template for the header of the message:
 I might be defined in <FIELDSTYLES>??But how?

The converted message header is formatted indirectly with
<FIELDSTYLES> and related resources.

An approach to get what you want is to use the SUBJECTHEADER and/or
the HEADBODYSEP resources.  Since this comes before and after
the converted message header, respectively, you can insert the
local date in either one and use formatting that would mirror the
formatting of the message header.


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