MailToURL Resources as link/cgi anywhere on the page

2002-01-23 03:38:02
I want to give the reader at the bottom of the page a link to respond to
that message.
Inserting the Resources MAILTO and MailToURL I get no response.
<a href="mailto:$TO$?msgid=$MSGID$&subject=$SUBJECTNA$";>respond to this
article ...</a>

As a second step, I would like to to use a cgi script to POST
addressfragments available by the MailToURL resource.
I build the form to call the cgi in <MSGFOOT>, but then the functionality of
<MailToURL> is not active.

Can I use <MailToURL> anywhere in the HTML page?
How canI define my own "URL-template"?
Thanks a lot, Wilhelm

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